Flicks in the Sticks is restarting in October but inevitably there are changes. The village hall is now Covid 19 secure which involves a one way system and social distancing measures. Masks should be worn whilst in the building and the kitchen is closed so no food or drink can to served. Seating will be laid out with suitable gaps which of course reduces numbers and booking is therefore essential. This can be done via Ticket Source which is accessed either via the village hall website www.owvillagehall.co.uk and clicking on the link or www.ticketsource.co.uk where you can select seats and print/download tickets. The first film in October will be free of charge as we welcome people back, from November we will revert to normal pricing. Although it won’t be quite the same experience as before it will be a start in hosting community events again at the hall.

Any questions or assistance with booking please contact the FITS team: Trevor 657082, Sue 831321 or James 658547